A day in Lodi



I woke at 6:00 in the morning to a loud boom of thunder! I went over to Maggie (my 2 year old sister) hoping that she was awake and she was: she was playing with her hands pretending that her hand was a person that was crash landing (with sound and all). When she saw me she said, “Boom boom,” and pointed towards the window. “Yes, Maggie. Thunder,” I said. “Can you say thunder?” She said, “NO,” but she only said that because she is only 2, and it’s a hard word for me too, and I am 9 ( 10 in less than a month). I was hoping for another boom of thunder but the storm had past, so Maggie and me started a game of “NIGHT NIGHT WHA?” If you don’t know how, I will tell you: lay down in bed and say “night, night” to [name of person beside you] then the person beside you say’s, “what!?” Repeat.

We played this for about ten minutes till the sky got brighter, even though the sky was covered with clouds. Then we got dressed to go into my grandparents home (we were sleeping in the next door cabin).


About catspinningtales

I am a 10 year old girl who just loves making up stories and using my imagination. This is a space for me to capture all of my rambling tales!!
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