mushroom detectives

       scarlet cap mushroom!

               scarlet cap↑

This mushroom is found near small lively ponds, and in big tall grassy fields. They can grow to their adult sizes in just two days tops! These lovely little mushrooms are not edible. It is very small and round in the beginning. It is also very colorful. Me and my cousin Ella found these  pretty mushrooms in the back fields of our Gram’s house in Lodi, New York.  We were helping our Grandpa lift very heavy blocks of wood, when we noticed something that we hadn’t seen yesterday: it was a mushroom. Now the question was, what mushroom was it? So we ran inside to see if my mom knew what it was. She said we were allowed to search on the computer to see if we could find out what mushroom it was. About ten minutes later we had found out what mushroom it was, so if you find one of these mushrooms just look at them and don’t eat them.  from Caitlyn and Ella the mushroom  detectives!





About catspinningtales

I am a 10 year old girl who just loves making up stories and using my imagination. This is a space for me to capture all of my rambling tales!!
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