Jenny Miller Meadow Mouse

Chapter One

Jenny Miller was a mouse. Most people think that Jenny is a rather smart mouse, but really she is as smart as all the other mice. Jenny lived in a house with her family. Her mother was a very wise mother and her father was very smart in travelling, and made lots of maps.

Now this story begins on a high shelf of a discarded bookcase, on the biggest pile at the junkyard. This was where Jenny most enjoyed her daily foraging. Jenny saw some kind of shiny thing on the far end of the shelf. She thought that it was a rather shiny piece of food. It looked very good.

I think I’ll take just a little bite, Jenny thought. You wouldn’t want to make a mistake like that, because right then Jenny ate her first bite. When she did, she almost jumped five feet in the air: she had just taken a bite of a very shiny cd!

Jenny came thumping down from what she thought was the highest part of the sky. Jenny landed straight on her head! “Ow!” cried Jenny.

Just then, something in her tummy rumbled. Jenny grew neither higher nor smaller; she stretched as flat as a pancake.

Being squished so flat, the only thing she could say was, “Do not help me!” This was very bad for Jenny, because everyone she asked would say, “Okay,” or “Are you very sure?” and never try to help her. She was like a skipping cd, only able to say the one thing over and over: “Do not help me!”

Jenny tried to say, “Help!” but sadly she just could not. She tried it as hard as she could for at least an hour. But then she thought, What if I say, “Do not” in my head and “Help me” out loud? But that did not work either. It just came out like, “Do not help me!”

It was about midnight when the idea came to her: Maybe if I say it backwards, then it will sound like, “Me help not do.” And for a poet this might sound like, “Help me!” This was very good for Jenny, because a poet was coming to Mouseville the very next day.


Chapter Two

The next morning, pancake-flat-Jenny awoke with not only excitement but sadness. Sadness is very bad for a mouse, because sadness makes mice turn sort of green, which made Jenny look like a rotten pancake. She was sad because she had been away from home for a day, and Jenny was excited because Mr. Chapter was coming to town. Mr. Chapter was a very friendly mouse who loved poetry.

Jenny went into the centre of the city to wait for Mr. Chapter. She went at 6:30 a.m. and Mr. Chapter came at 10:00 a.m. When Mr. Chapter came, Jenny ran as fast as a pancake could go. When Jenny got to Mr. Chapter she quickly said, “Me help not do!”

Mr. Chapter laughed. “Yes, yes!” cried Mr. Chapter. “You need help!”

Jenny nodded very fast. Mr. Chapter took Jenny and took out a needle. “No!” cried Jenny. But Jenny had fainted.

Jenny woke up. She felt different. She looked around and saw a Mr. …Mr…oh yes, Mr. Chapter. But doing what?

“Mr. Chapter,” Jenny said. “What are you doing?”

“Nothing,” said Mr. Chapter. “Do you remember the needle? And did it help you?”

Jenny looked down at herself and saw her belly no longer squashed flat, but she felt a slight buzzing sensation in her tummy.

 “Yes, and no,” said Jenny. “What was in it?”

“Chick fluff and bee stingers!” said Mr. Chapter.


Chapter Three

Jenny was tired when she finally started walking home. Too bad for Jenny, but she was too tired to look out for the mousetraps. Now a very horrible thing is going to happen.

Right then Jenny saw something square, and before she could think mousetrap, Jenny Miller was caught!

Jenny felt happy, and sad. She felt happy because she caught a little bit of cheese, but she was sad because she was caught. Well, of course she was sad! No mouse isn’t sad when they are caught.

Jenny was so faint hearted that she forgot that she had made a plan of how to escape a mousetrap. The thought had come to her when she saw one of her father’s maps. Jenny thought Oh no! I forgot what the plan was! I wrote it down so many years ago.

Jenny thought, maybe if I turn to the left, but it was too late, for Jenny thought too late. The cat heard and laughed. The cat didn’t laugh because she had just found her new chew toy, but because Jenny had spoken to the cat before, and had said, “Look how smart I am! I never get caught, and I always get home in time!”

Jenny thought, maybe if I pretend to be someone else, maybe, just maybe, Mrs. Cat might think I am Plymouth, because Plymouth was Mrs. Cat’s mouse-friend. This is very odd because cat’s chew mice.

“Why Mrs. Cat, I am Plymouth,” said Jenny, in a disguised voice.

“Oh, I know…you just look like Jenny” said Mrs. Cat.

“Would you help a friend, and get me out?” said Jenny.

“Oh yes,” said Mrs. Cat.

Now a mouse would be scared if a cat was to carry them, but Jenny was happy because she was free.


Chapter Four

It took Jenny another week to finally get home. Mrs. Cat had carefully carried her to Plymouth’s house, which was quite a long way from the Miller home. When Jenny finally arrived at her home, it was night time, and everyone was asleep. She crawled into her bed without a squeak, happy to be home at last.

The next day Jenny woke up to her Mother’s familiar voice.

“Jenny!” cried Mrs. Miller. “It’s time for breakfast.”

When Jenny really did come to breakfast, Jenny’s mother seemed surprised. “Jenny, is it really you? Or is it a ghost?”

“It’s me! Jenny Jane Miller Mouse!” Jenny cried, a bit confused.

“Jenny Jane!” said Mrs. Miller. “You are still alive! I thought you were eaten by the cat! Or, or, got caught in a mouse trap…”

Mr. and Mrs. Miller thought that Jenny was dead, and every day that Jenny had been gone, Jenny’s mother would say, hopefully, “Jenny, it’s breakfast!” but Jenny would never come down. When Jenny really did arrive Mr. Miller fainted, because he believed in ghosts, and thought that Jenny was one.

Jenny was so happy that she sang a song.

The next day Jenny was still singing songs, because she was so happy. But now she was happy not just because she was home, but also because her cousin Cheddar was coming to stay for a week. Jenny, who had always wanted a close friend, was mostly hoping that Cheddar would become that friend, if she could only stay around for a while.

“When is Cheddar going to get here?” Jenny moaned.

“I told you, she’s going to come at a quarter to twelve,” said Mrs. Miller.

“But it is 10:40,” said Jenny. “So far away from twelve.”

“Just be patient,” said Mrs. Miller.


Chapter Five

“It’s 12:01 and Cheddar’s not here,” said Jenny. You or I would also be sad if your cousin and possible best friend was going to come but was late.

12:02. 12:03. 12:04.

“When is she going to come??”

12:05. 12:06.

“Come onnnnnnn!”


“Someone’s walking! –No, it’s a neighbor…”


“Cheddar’s here!” said Jenny. “No, it’s the milkman.”

At last! At 12:40 Cheddar arrived.

“Cheddar! What took you so long?” asked Jenny.

“Well, my pet ladybug died, so we had to sell our ladybug cage,” said Cheddar.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” said Jenny.

“That’s okay,” said Cheddar. “Now, where am I going to sleep?”

“You’re going to sleep in the guestroom. And guess what?! The guest room is made out of cheddar cheese!!” If you were a mouse, you would love cheese. So Cheddar happily moved into the cheese room.

When it was night, Mrs. Miller got worried. She was worried that Cheddar was not allowed in Mouseville, because in Cheddar’s town a big disease was going through. Mrs. Miller got more and more worried when Cheddar kept coughing.

Finally after the one hundredth cough, Mrs. Miller went up to the cheese room. In the room was Cheddar playing a recording of coughing sounds, while watching TV.

“Oh, I’m so sorry Mrs. Miller. I just couldn’t go to sleep. The coughing sound was so I wouldn’t wake you up. I thought you would go to sleep if all you heard was coughing, rather than the TV.”

“No,” said Mrs. Miller.  “You might wake up the dogs. So, no coughing sounds, no TV, nothing.” Mrs. Miller turned the TV off and carried it out of the room, hiding it away. When she looked at Cheddar, Cheddar’s eyes were as big as the moon, and had the color of fire.

Cheddar screamed. “You have to give that back right now!! That was my Dad’s favorite TV ever!!”

“Then why are you using it?” asked Mrs. Miller. “Did you ask to use it?”

“Nnnnnno,” said Cheddar, slowly.

“Cheddar! I am very disappointed in you! And you, Cheddar, are going to move into the wooden guestroom. Now!” said Mrs. Miller.

Cheddar started to get really mad, and sordid. Cheddar knew she would be in big trouble if her Dad knew what she had done, plus, she loved watching TV and couldn’t believe Mrs. Miller would take it away from her.

Cheddar started kicking the walls in anger, and throwing pillows at the door. That’s when Jenny woke up.

“What is going on?” said Jenny. That’s when Jenny saw the colossal mess of pillows around the room. “What happened, Mom?” said Jenny.

“Go to bed, Jenny,” said Mrs. Miller. “I’ll tell you in the morning.”

“Yes, Mom,” said Jenny.

Cheddar reluctantly moved her suitcase into the wooden guestroom, and by the time Jenny had fallen asleep again, Cheddar had already finished her plan.


Chapter Six

Cheddar got ready for her naughty plan. She put her notebook and red pen into a bag, then put on her black pj’s, and slipped out of the guestroom, and into the living room. She was in search of the Miller’s TV.

When she had found the TV, she drew a map of where it was in the living room, and which way it was facing. Then she quickly moved the TV to her room. Thank heavens there are no stairs, thought Cheddar.

While this was happening, Jenny was getting a cup of water. Jenny filled her cup and went to sit on the sofa in the living room. Jenny started falling asleep, but then she noticed that something was wrong. Was the carpet moved? Was a vase broken? Or a painting moved around?

Jenny scanned the room from left to right. Then she noticed it. The TV was gone!

Jenny wondered why her mother would take away the TV. Or was it her Mom who did it?

Jenny heard a thump, and little cartoon mouse voices. Then she heard the rustling of covers. This was all coming from the wooden guestroom.

Jenny crept over to the guestroom and swung the door wide open. There was Cheddar, watching the popular cartoon, Cat Trap.

“Oh, Jenny! Your mother said I had to come down here,” said Cheddar,” And the TV was already here, and, uh, um, uh…”

As you already know, Jenny had no idea that Cheddar was not supposed to have a TV. So Jenny believed every word that Cheddar said. After a few minutes, Jenny went back to bed and fell asleep dreaming of Cheese Heaven, having no idea of what Cheddar had really done.


Chapter Seven

The next morning, the family of mice sat at the table eating breakfast.

“Jenny,” said Mrs. Miller. “Would you like to pray?”

“Sure!” said Jenny, bowing her head. This is what she said.

Dear God,
We thank Thee for the flowers.
We thank Thee for the trees.
We thank Thee for the bees.
We thank Thee for the glowing stars You show us every night.

“Thank you for praying,” said Mrs. Miller.

“Mrour phwelmum!” Jenny said with her mouth already full.

“Don’t speak with your mouth full!” said Cheddar, as she walked into the room.

“Good morning, Cheddar!” said Jenny, still with no idea of what had truly happened the night before.

“Cheddar,” said Mrs. Miller. “Would you like to tell Jenny what happened last night?”

“Um, well, uh…Your mother saw me watching my Dad’s TV and said I would, uh, wake up the dogs, and I didn’t know that,” said Cheddar hurriedly. “She took the TV away and I got really mad. I’m sure you would be mad, too. Your mother told me to go downstairs. The end! That’s it!”

“Yes,” said Mrs. Miller. “And that is why you saw that colossal mess of pillows last night.”

“So Cheddar was not allowed to have a TV last night?” said Jenny.

“Yes,” said Mrs. Miller.

“Um, well, last night,” said Jenny, “Last night Cheddar took our TV and used it. I thought that she was allowed to use the TV.”

Cheddar started backing away. Then Mrs. Miller turned towards Cheddar and said, “Is that true, Cheddar?”

“Uhhhh, yeah…” said Cheddar.

“Cheddar,” said Mrs. Miller, “I am sorry but you are going to have to leave my house.”

“But I basically just got here!” said Cheddar.

“I’m sorry,” said Mrs. Miller again. “But you have not behaved well in my house.”

Then there came a knock. It was Mrs. Gail, Cheddar’s Mom.

“Hi!” said Mrs. Gail. “I was just checking on my darling Cheddar-o!”

“Oh, well, she’s right here ready to go home!” said Mrs. Miller.

“Ready to go home?!” said Mrs. Gail.

“Yes! Ready to go home.”


Chapter Eight

After Cheddar left, Jenny became very sad. She wished she had a friend, but not like Cheddar. Now you or me would be lonely, too, if you just went around eating seeds and food alone all of your life. Now that Cheddar was no longer around, Jenny was lonelier than ever.

The next day, Jenny went to the library. She dropped off her old books and got some new ones out of the Mouselets department. When Jenny went to check out her books, there was a long line leading up to the check-out desk.

Jenny stood at the back of the line and looked out the window at a huge clover leaf, when all of a sudden, wham! A girl Jenny’s age bumped into her.

“Oh, sorry!” said the girl.

“That’s okay,” said Jenny.

Jenny went back to looking at the clover leaf, forgetting what had happened, until the girl said, “What’s your name? I think I’ve seen you before.”

“My name is Jenny.”

“Oh!” said the girl. “Then I have heard of you being here at the library before! You like to post your stories on the display board. My name is Ellie.”

“Oh! Then hi, Ellie!” said Jenny.

Jenny picked up her things. It was her turn to check out her books. Jenny liked Ellie. She knew she should invite her over to tea, like her Mother did so many other times with her friends, so Jenny did just that.

“Yes!” cried Ellie, as soon as Jenny began to invite her over. “I’d love to come! But, not now, because I have Survival Class in a few minutes…that ends at one, so I could come over after that if you tell me where you live.”

“Sure!” said Jenny, grinning. “I live at 627 Muzzler Road.”

“Perfect!” said Ellie. “I’ll be there just after one!”

“Okay!” said Jenny, unable not to smile.


Chapter Nine

It was after one o’clock and Ellie was walking up the steps of the Miller home.

Knock, knock, knock.

The door opened, and there stood Jenny.

“Hi, Ellie!” said Jenny.

“Hi Jen! …Can I call you that?” said Ellie.

“Sure! If I can call you El!”

“Deal!” said Ellie, and walked into the living room.

“Tea is on the china platter in the dining room,” said Jenny.

“Okay, Jen!” said Ellie.

Jenny laughed. No one had ever called her “Jen” before. It warmed her heart to hear someone give her, her own special name.

Jenny and Ellie sat down. “Would you like some sugar?” asked Jenny, with the most polite of manners.

“Yes, please,” said Ellie, in her most polite of manners.

“El?” said Jenny.

“What?” said Ellie.

Feeling shy, Jenny quietly asked, “Would you like to be friends??”

“Do I!?!? I was just going to ask you if you wanted to be my friend! So yes! I’d love to be your friend!” said Ellie.

“Perfect!” said Jenny, grinning for the second time that day.

“Done!” said Ellie, putting her cup down on the table.

“Me too!” said Jenny.

“I probably have to go,” said Ellie. “But I will come again, or you could come over to my house.”

“Okay,” said Jenny, opening the door for her new friend.

“Bye, Jen! See you maybe tomorrow!” said Ellie.

“Okay!” said Jenny, grinning, and thinking that she would never be able to go to sleep without a grin tapped on her face.


The End







About catspinningtales

I am a 10 year old girl who just loves making up stories and using my imagination. This is a space for me to capture all of my rambling tales!!
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