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I am a 10 year old girl who just loves making up stories and using my imagination. This is a space for me to capture all of my rambling tales!!

Jenny Miller Meadow Mouse

Chapter One Jenny Miller was a mouse. Most people think that Jenny is a rather smart mouse, but really she is as smart as all the other mice. Jenny lived in a house with her family. Her mother was a … Continue reading

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  It was fall November 10 when my sister Arbre was born. She had small green eyes, and beautiful blond hair.  ( me and my sister Arbre ) As the years of holding her and taking her for walks passed, I … Continue reading

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mushroom detectives

       scarlet cap mushroom!                scarlet cap↑ This mushroom is found near small lively ponds, and in big tall grassy fields. They can grow to their adult sizes in just two days tops! These lovely little mushrooms are not edible. It … Continue reading

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A day in Lodi

SPILLING INK (whoops!) FRIDAY/OCTOBER/4. I woke at 6:00 in the morning to a loud boom of thunder! I went over to Maggie (my 2 year old sister) hoping that she was awake and she was: she was playing with her hands pretending … Continue reading

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